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Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic psychotherapy includes the body in the therapeutic process. The wounds we endure, the precious moments we experience, the beauty and despair we encounter as humans are held within the tissues of our body. We will work together to learn how to listen and understand the important things your body is communicating to you. This will deepen a sense of kinship with the body while finding new ways of relating to yourself and others that feel more authentic to your true nature.

Somatic Experiencing and EMDR can help with: 
  • Trauma 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief 

  • Interpersonal problems 

  • Low self-esteem 

  • Life Transitions

  • Unhelpful Relational Patterns 

  • Spiritual Crisis 

Benefits include: 

-Exist more in your body, in the present moment -Learn to regulate your nervous system and co-regulate with others -Become more whole through understanding and integrating all parts of you -Explore the way in which you form intimate bonds with yourself (embodiment), with others (attachment), and with the environment/world -Understand how your early attachment patterns with caregivers and community show up today in behaviors, relationships, sense of self, your breath, posture, tension levels, and the way you show up in the world -Working through past traumas and current stressors -Become more securely attached in your relationships by offering authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability -See symptoms as messages from our bodies asking for something to change -Develop curiosity and openness when you are triggered-your body is showing you what is left to heal -Understand/process the traumas, unresolved grief, and/or types of oppression you have faced or survived in your life -Discover your values and what is most important to you-learn to live and make choices from this place


Initial Intake Appointment - $250 (55 min)

Somatic Psychotherapy Sessions - $200 (55 min) 


                 (Dean & Quartz Insurance Accepted) 

Ecotherapy Groups

Ecotherapy derives from the recognition that we are nature and are part of nature. It is a whole system perspective of health and well-being. The health of our psyche is connected to the health and natural processes of our world and the reciprocal relationships we experience within it. In nature, we are reminded that we belong, we are connected.

We acknowledge the sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation and the 11 indigenous nations within what is now the state of Wisconsin. We honor, respect, and give thanks for the land itself and for the Ho-Chunk people of today, their ancestors, the generations to come.

Ecotherapy Groups offer opportunities for:
  • Somatic Inquiry

  • Sensory Awareness 

  • Quiet Solo Time 

  • Self Discovery

  • Deepened relationship with nature

  • Gratitude Practices

  • Plant knowledge

  • Community Connection

  • Exploring insights, metaphors and guidance received

Benefits of Ecotherapy Include:

-Boost immunity and mood -Reduction of stress and anxiety -Increased peace and contentment -Process eco-anxiety and eco-grief -Mark and honor transitions in your life -Increased sense of belonging -Improved concentration -Community and connection -Increased self-esteem -Increased Sense of purpose and direction

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Eco Therapy Groups
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Restorative Retreats

Restorative retreats provide nourishing space and wisdom practices as we turn our attention inward, forging community in shared devotion to self. Set in serene environments surrounded by the natural world, we welcome stillness and the supportive essence of nature to hold you.  We deepen connection and love for all parts of self,  with those in our lives, and the greater web of life in which we belong. 

You are invited to experience: 
  • Body-centered Awareness Practices

  • Deep Nature Connection

  • Creative Arts

  • Dance and Movement

  • Nourishing Food 

  • Writing/Journaling

  • Quiet/Solo Reflection/Rest

  • Meditation 

  • Ritual/Rites of Passage 

Benefits include: 

-Feeling Connected to your purpose and passion -Relief from stress, overwhelm, and burnout -Invigoration of self-compassion and mindful care -Exploration of growth edges and the wisdom they offer -Spiritual Connection - Increased nervous system regulation -Feeling rested and restored -Remembering your true nature and what’s most important to you -Feeling Inspired and Grateful -Increased sense of belonging and connection

Restorative Retreat
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