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My professional pathway.

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Jenny Hayes


I provide a relational space where I invite you to explore your felt experience, create spaciousness “to be with” what is arising, turn toward unpleasant experiences with support and guidance, nurture your curiosities, pay attention to what lights you up, and magnify your wisdom and strengths.  

  • Masters Degree in Social Work, UW-Madison

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW #7615-123)

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 

  • Somatic Experiencing Training Assistant and Personal Session Provider

  • Coordinated Madison’s 1st  Somatic Experiencing Training in 2019

  • EMDR (Somatic and Attachment Focused)

  • Ecotherapist-Level 1 Certificate (Earth Body Institute) 

  • Retreat Curator/Facilitator

  • Naturalist Training/Kamana 1: Wilderness Awareness School  

  • Ceremonial/Community Circle, Spiritual Teachings/Trainings 

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 

My Approach

My approach is relational, curious, compassionate, and body-centered. I come from the perspective that we are evolving beings capable of generating sustainable, actionable change that reflects our true nature and what we care about. This involves unifying the realms of thinking, action, sensing, feeling, perception, and meaning. In our work, I integrate traditional psychotherapy with experiential and somatic techniques to support you to feel, process, and connect with the innate wisdom inside of you. 

Wander Within Wellness

We are nature and a part of nature.

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A little more about me.

I consider myself a woodland wanderer, curious to the core, knowing a connection with the natural world since a young age, sitting with the pines and cherry tree in my childhood yard.


After finishing my masters degree I spent time working as a psychiatric social worker in London, took time to travel throughout Europe, Thailand, India, and the US, and began exploring body based and spiritual practices.

It is my heart’s desire to include opportunities to connect with the natural world at this stage of my professional career. I honor how the biorhythms in nature and the biorhythms of our body are linked.


I believe there is a healing sacredness that happens in this space of belonging and connection, a healing much greater as we join with our kin in the greater web of life. We are nature and a part of nature. 

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

(Mary Oliver) 

If you want to: 
  • Cultivate a more clear and loving relationship with yourself 

  • Experience relief from anxiety, stress, depression, grief, and trauma 

  • Repattern your nervous system stress response

  • Rewire limiting beliefs and habitual reactions 

  • Move forward with more ease and awareness 

  • Feel greater vitality and belonging

  • Access support in navigating life transitions and challenges 

  • Improve your human relationships 

  • Deepen your reciprocal relationship with the natural world and all beings 

  • Process eco-anxiety and eco-grief 

  • Commit to living an authentic life 

  • Seek and explore sacred thresholds and journeys in life 

  • Create community and connection 

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Let's work together.

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